Teen Board Programs

Teen Board Programs were first started by Rainbow Promotions in East Coast regional malls in 1990. This youth oriented, volunteer program, now in its fifteenth year, provides an opportunity for young men and women between the ages of thirteen to eighteen years, to represent and work with their local malls to produce fashion shows, create special events and participate in community service projects.

The educational component of this program offers teen members the opportunity to participated in lectures, workshops and activities dealing with the various aspects of the fashion and retail industry- modeling, retail operations, fashion design, marketing and public relations.

Community service is a core component of this program. The Teen Boards are committed to helping others with in their own community. Through out the year, our members become involved with a number of charitable organizations in an effort to show that teens can make a difference.

With the addition of the Music & Motion Dance program in 2000, members with a background in the performing arts now have an opportunity to use the arts and dance to build self-esteem and inspire creative self-expression and community action.

The programs have been a huge success. For the teen members in the program, it has offered them a voice in their communities, a way to contribute their energies in a positive manner, a better understanding and respect of each others diverse backgrounds, and a way to increase their own sense of self-worth and self-esteem through the positive impact they have on their own community.

Learn more at: http://www.teenboardprograms.com/


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